Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello (and Goodbye) to Old Friends

These last few weekends have brought a few of our old friends to the Cleveland area. Robbie’s friend Mikie and his girlfriend Michelle called to let us know they would be in Cleveland visiting Michelle’s dad who is an architect and just moved to Cleveland for a new job opportunity. We got to spend a few hours with all three of them one afternoon showing them the “west side” highlights. I guess our enthusiasm for our new city really shows through. We sounded like salesmen! Not only did we sell them on Cleveland but apparently also convinced Michelle’s dad to buy a Kuerig coffee machine – maybe we should think about a career change?

Mikie, Robbie, and Michelle outside our house
In reality, working in sales would be a disaster career move for Robbie as we discovered while negotiating with car salesmen in pursuit of the first ever new car for both of us. Robbie couldn’t stand the haggling but in the end did a great job getting us to a number we could live with. Finally, at the end of many hours of car shopping and negotiating we said goodbye to a very tired, old friend – our Ford Taurus. After 147,000 miles it was time to part ways. We said hello to a 2012 Kia Sorento! We were busy finalizing the paperwork when the salesman said he would go get the Taurus to drive it over and make sure we got everything we needed out of it. When he came back to us he said, “That thing sounds like it’s about to die!” I held my breath for a minute hoping we had all the paperwork complete. Rob laughed and said, “Well, there is a reason we are buying a new car!”. I have to say as sad as it is to see an old friend go, all I feel right now is the relief of getting it off our hands! The night we brought the car home Robbie wanted to go for a celebratory ice cream. We tried a place he had heard about called Mitchell’s. It was an adorable little shop with really unique flavors of homemade ice cream. After we left the shop Rob turned right out onto the street instead of left to head home. When I asked what was going on he said, “I just want to drive it around a little while longer!” I guess he really likes the car!!

Robbie LOVES our Sorento!

Pregnant me in my new mom SUV

It fits (barely)!!!
We also got the chance to meet up with our med school friends Jayme and Sarah who are spending an intern year in Sandusky, OH. Sarah let me know Jayme needed to come to Cleveland area for some residency training and wanted to meet up while he was at work. As it turns out, Robbie had to attend the same training that day! We were able to meet up for the day and take Jayme, Sarah, and their 6-month old baby boy, Titus, to a few of our new favorite places in Cleveland. It was great seeing them and catching up!

We have been really fortunate to have so many visitors right after moving to Cleveland. It definitely helps make us feel closer to home. This weekend we are looking forward to a visit from Robbie’s family. We are refining our sales pitch to hopefully sell a few more people on Cleveland!

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