Friday, July 15, 2011

Doctor Robbie

June 26, 2011 Dr. Robbie reported to his first day of orientation at St. John’s Westshore hospital in Westlake, OH. Robbie and his fellow residents went through a one week orientation before officially starting their residency program on July 1st. His first month he was scheduled to work in the Orthopedic Surgery department and it has been an easy month for him to adjust to residency. He has already worked his first 24 hour call night and made it through like a pro! He really likes the residents he is working with and the hospital in general. St. John’s hospital in specific was rated one of the top 10 employers in the Cleveland area and so far they are a great first employer for Rob.

Our first weekend here the hospital invited the residents to the hospital picnic celebrating their 30th anniversary. They served great picnic food including ribs and had games and entertainment lined up. A ridiculous relay race was held for hospital employees that involved rock wall climbing and some bouncy castle obstacles. The new resident team came in 2nd place (see photo) which gave them something to brag about in their first few days. It was a really nice opportunity for us to meet the residents and their spouses/significant others and it was nice for me to get to connect with a few of the wives. We all met up for dinner later the next week and Rob and I plan to host a barbeque later this summer when we get a little more settled in our new home.

For August and September Rob will spend his first two months working in the Emergency Department. He will be scheduled to work 20-22 shifts each month so it will be much more intense than his first month here. We will keep you posted on how it goes!

Robbie and some new residents - 2nd place relay team!

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